Tenease History

Generic placeholder image Mr Ranjan Vhadra. MBBS, FRCS, FRCS (Trauma & Orthopaedics)

Mr Vhadra graduated in medicine from the St. Bartholomew’s Medical School in London. He is a practicing consultant orthopaedic surgeon and is also a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and an International member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Over the last seven years, when not operating or lecturing surgeons around the world, Mr Vhadra has been working on his treatment Tenease in the hope of bringing some relief to the millions of sufferers of Tennis Elbow.

Tenease has evolved from research Mr. Vhadra carried out as a trainee Surgeon. Vibration therapy has been available for many years with much research published in the medical literature on its effectiveness. However, the treatment required large and expensive machines which meant the therapy was only available in hospital. Mr. Vhadra and his team of engineers have been able to miniaturise the electronics. Tenease is now a portable, easy to use, safe and effective device that many tennis elbow sufferers have found invaluable.

For many patients Tenease allows relief of their painful condition without having to take drugs. It can even prevent the need for surgery. Tenease is patented, trademarked and has successfully bought relief to thousands of sufferers.


Oct 2009 Tenease wins the 2009 Schroders Bright Ideas Competition
Nov 2009 Tenease is featured in EnVoyage in-flight magazine
Dec 2009 "Tenease is a major step forward in the treatment of Tennis Elbow" - The Globe
Jan 2010 Channel TV takes up the story of Tenease and its development
Feb 2010 "Good Vibrations Beat Tennis Elbow" - The Daily Mail (Good Health) article appears.
Mar 2010 Tenease obtains FDA registration and a US agent, Bonemed for US distributions.
Apr 2010 Bioscan is appointed as distributor for Greece and the outer islands.
May 2010 Tenease adds Australia to its list of destination countries
Jun 2010 Cross Bay Medical is appointed as distributor for the Netherlands and ships the first 100 units to Service Apotheek, a Dutch consortium of Pharmacies.
Jul 2010 Exeter hospital's research unit plan the next RCT (Randomized Controlled Trial) on Tenease with the largest sample size yet of 240 patients.
Sep 2010 The inventor of Tenease is asked to present the device at the annual conference of the Royal College of General Practitioners in Harrogate.
Nov 2010 Tenease presents at UKSEM, the UK conference for sports and exercise medicine.
Dec 2010 Keen to stay British, Tenease manufacturing is moved to a top south of England electronics company with over 80 people employed in sourcing, manufacturing and packing the device.
Jan 2011 Tenease recruits 14 person UK wide sales force for pharmacy sales.
Feb 2011 MTL, the manufacturers of Tenease enter into a distribution agreement with Link3, a UK pharmacy distributor.
Jun 2011 BBC Radio interview with Ranjan Vhadra, the developer of Tenease
Jul 2011 MTL appoints Allphar, Ireland's largest distributor of OTC and prescription medicines to handle sales of Tenease into over 1000 Irish pharmacies.
Aug 2011 Alliance Healthcare agrees to list Tenease. Alliance is the leading European pharmaceutical healthcare distributor, serving over 125,000 pharmacies, hospitals and health centres through over 380 depots in 14 countries.
Sep 2011 MTL joins forces with CDL logistics, a Kent based MHRA compliant distribution hub which also services Transport for London, Mars and Fiat, to deliver Tenease worldwide from its Sidcup based warehouse.
Feb 2012 Tenease provides pain relief for osteoarthritis of the knee in a new device call Kneease.
Mar 2013 The technology behind Tenease is used for pain relief in Osteoplan, a fully managed plan for treating the symptoms of Osteoarthritis.
Dec 2015 MTL launches a new version of Tenease call Heelease for treating plantar fasciitis pain (heel pain).

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John Kimble: It must have been about 10 years ago since I bought mine. The pain was driving me mad and after weeks of trying all sorts of remedies, and a visit to the doctor, I thought that I might as well give it a try. It was marvelous. Within days I was pain free. Occasionally it comes back and sometimes even one session puts it away. Over the years I have also lent to a friends and colleagues. Each one has gone on to purchase their own Tenease. It is a great invention that I can't recommend highly enoug..
September 18, 2021