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Tennis Elbow is caused by tendon strain through repetitive movement and a lack of inflamation of the tendon around the Lateral Epicondyle, the prominent bony part of the elbow.

Until now there has been no effective treatment except for rest, anti-inflammatory drugs, steroid injections or surgery.

arm with tenease

Step 1 - Make sure the device is fully charged.

Insert the plug through the rubber pad and into the device. Plug into any USB port to charge. The on/off switch will glow red when charging and green when fully charged

tenease device

Step 2 - Secure the unit onto your arm using the soft velcro strap.

The application nozzle should sit directly on the point of the pain. Secure the unit with the velcro side of the strap.

The velcro strap will stretch to fit most arms. If required you can wrap it over the device.

tenease device

Step 3 - Turn your device on and it will flash green four times.

Activate the Tenease unit for 10 minutes to provide treatment direct to the source of the pain. Cycle through the modes by pressing the button to your chosen mode. High frequency shockwaves penetrate deep into the elbow to stimulate blood flow for repair and block pain signals to the brain. You can use the device for as long as required but it should not be used for longer than 15 minutes at a time.

freedom to move

After approximately 10 minutes press and hold the button to turn off. Pain relief can continue for up to 4 hours after each session. It is important to continue the use of the device on a daily basis for up to six weeks for the best results.

Most users experience full recovery within a number of weeks of starting treatment.

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Tennis Elbow guide

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A 10 page, illustrated guide to tennis elbow to help you understand the condition and how it can be helped.

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John Kimble: It must have been about 10 years ago since I bought mine. The pain was driving me mad and after weeks of trying all sorts of remedies, and a visit to the doctor, I thought that I might as well give it a try. It was marvelous. Within days I was pain free. Occasionally it comes back and sometimes even one session puts it away. Over the years I have also lent to a friends and colleagues. Each one has gone on to purchase their own Tenease. It is a great invention that I can't recommend highly enoug..
September 18, 2021